Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

This year marks the beginning of the fifty-first year for the Heart of Maryland Barbershop Chorus. We can look back to contests, including Mid Atlantic Division wins, an International Contest appearance in Toronto, and two great showings at the Buckeye Invitational. We’ve had annual shows, charity fundraisers, and have served enough spaghetti and lasagna to feed an army. The chorus has sung all around the area - the National Anthem for Baltimore’s sports teams, Flag Day performances at Fort McHenry, and Christmas carols at the Inner Harbor. We’ve sung for local and nationally-known celebrities and have given free shows at local parks and several million (give or take a few) performances at senior centers.

This is only part of who we are. The chorus is more than just performances and contests. It’s also fifty years of fun and fraternity. Men who may have otherwise never met have formed lifelong friendships as we’ve learned and shared our music. We’ve formed quartets and traveled together. We’ve seen the big events come and go – births, graduations, weddings, and have sung at more funerals than we’d like. But even as we’ve lost long-time members, new men have stepped into their places, each one welcomed to share our joy in ringing a chord and seeing the smiles of an appreciative audience.

The next half-century starts today and we’ve ready to get started. Our Director, Kevin King, is still helping us move forward and teaching from his seemingly limitless knowledge of music. Already this year, we have plans for two contests, a dinner show, and two days of Singing Valentines.

Come join us on a Tuesday night and find out how you can be part of the next fifty years of the Heart of Maryland.